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Marte "Malana" Kliesh is a Holistic Intuitive and Empath. Pueo is the spoiled rotten cat that supervises everything.
Malana's spiritual gifts compliment her degrees in Naturopathy and Herbal Healing. She is an ordained minister with a Ph.D. in Religion and Metaphysics.

A scholar of ancient wisdom, Malana has been privileged to study with Mayan Elders, sacred teachers of Native American traditions, and Hawaiian Kapuna. She is also an Adept of the Hermetic Principles. Exploring the mysteries of indigenous cultures has expanded her abilities as a Reiki Master and enhanced her awareness of other subtle energies.

Malana is a ceremonialist, author, lecturer, leader/guide for personal discovery seminars and retreats. She also teaches classes on spiritual awareness, psychic development, and Dream Weaving. Her consultations can be arranged in person, over the phone, or by internet.

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Ordin Ashlie has a Ph.D. in Nutrition from Clayton College, a Doctor of Divinity, a Doctor of Naturopathy Degree, and is a Master Herbalist. Ordin also is a REIKI Master, a Certified FENG SHUI Practitioner, and has a degree in Clinical Homeopathy.

Malana and Ordin offer their services as Holistic Health Consultants. Their evaluations and programs are not intended as streamate diagnosis, prescription, or for

treatment of any disease, physical or mental; or as a substitute for medical care.

Dear Friends; Now that the above formalities are out of the way, may we further explain: We offer a broad spectrum of holistic modalities including herbal education; energy alignment; life coach; spiritual counseling; rituals and ceremonies for home, business and personal; practical application of color and light; non-invasive emotional clearing; and more.